2 Responses to Photos

  1. Yvonne says:

    Important first step, and having an open newsroom project is likely to generate rich sources of information from all those involved and present in the room. Flip chart paper too small to accommodate the potential for making ideas visible and public. A wall, an infowall, if you will, is a place for emerging ideas, concepts, notions, and more to be noted – erasable markers on a whitewall – for barely formed connections among the posted bits to be realized – in advance of posting on the Internet or to locals who post to one another. Even greater flexibility and richer results can be achieved by writing ideas, etc., on sticky papers which can be grouped and re-grouped according to various needs, etc.

  2. Jean Hardy says:

    I grew up in Harwinton, and left in 1969 when I graduated from High School. I still have family in the area, and am still interested in Torrington/Harwinton news and read your paper online.

    What a wonderful idea and I hope other local newspaper across the country adopt this concept.

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