Register Citizen collects nearly 1,000 items for homeless ‘compassion kits’


A box of donated items at the Register Citizen which will be distributed as “Compassion Kits” to the homeless population around Torrington.

Reporter Jenny Golfin reflects below on the success of her collection of “Compassion Kits” to be distributed to the homeless population of Torrington. The drive wrapped up on Friday, Jan. 24 and collected 968 items, according to Golfin’s latest article on the drive.

The Register Citizen started a drive to collect items for “Compassion Kits” for the homeless on Dec. 23, ending on Jan. 24.

The idea for Compassion Kits came from a parenting blog post that reporter Jenny Golfin saw. A mother on the west coast had encountered a homeless person with her 8-year-old and the child wanted to do something to help the homeless person. The mom came up with the idea of a Compassion Kit which would contain “care” items like a hat, gloves, warm socks, hygiene items, etc.

I contacted Lisa Hageman, the director of the Torrington Community Soup Kitchen, as she was familiar with the area homeless, to see if there was a need for this. Hageman reported that there were approximately 57 homeless individuaals sleeping outside in Torrington. Hageman thought the idea of compassion kits was great and would be a great benefit to the homeless of Torrington.

I created an event on Facebook and enlisted the help of the T-Town Torrington Chatter Facebook group to promote the event. She reached out to local businesses to volunteer as drop-off points for the drive. Dawn Thebarge Hill of Dawn Hill Designs volunteered her studio located at 63 Water St. as a drop-off point.

Many Torrington residents dropped off donations. One woman, a former real estate agent did a collection in her neighborhood which resulted in three bags of donations. People from the T-Town Chatter page brought in donations and several people who had read the article in the paper donated as well.

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  1. it’s good to see some life again on this blog! Hope you’ll keep publishing stories here, Tom! Btw, HNY from Belgium 😉

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