Reception for Jim Koplar, November Artist of the Month, is tonight!


Come on down to the Register Citizen’s Newsroom Cafe, located at 59 Field St., for an artist reception for the November Artist of the Month, Jim Koplar. The reception will be from 6 to 8 p.m. featuring cheese, crackers, punch.

Here’s some of reporter Jenny Golfin’s information on Koplar from her latest article:

TORRINGTON >> The Register Citizen’s November Artist of the Month is city resident Jim Koplar.

Koplar’s paintings are a mixture of country images and then also the nautical as well as some portraits.

Koplar was drawing from his childhood but his painting didn’t become his focus until he enrolling in an adult education painting class in 1980. His art has progressed from there.

“I decided to pursue a degree in fine art and explored the art of painting at a much deeper level,” said Koplar.

Koplar is inspired by his surroundings.

“Some time the mood leans toward nostalgic themes, other times I want to push my abilities and work in portraiture,” said Koplar.

Koplar is hoping that this showing at the Newsroom Cafe will bring his works to Torrington community. He also has a new studio at Whiting Mills in Winsted.

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